Heroes Need Not Apply
How to Build a Patient-Accountable Culture
without Putting More on Your Plate

By Brian Wong, MD, MPH
CEO Bedside Trust

Everyone in healthcare knows that the lack of accountability negatively impacts care, and when accountability improves throughout your organization, care improves. What healthcare leaders don’t know, is how to improve accountability and why it is so critically linked to improving patient care.

Dr. Wong's book, Heroes Need Not Apply not only eliminates the accountability dilemma, it provides the tools and approach healthcare leaders, physicians, and nurses need to most impact patient care. And it does so without adding more initiatives or any extra work to their already full plates.

Based on true experiences during his twenty years of consulting with healthcare executives, Dr. Wong’s Angels of Seattle Hospital welcomes readers into a patient accountable culture in action. We’ll witness his real as life characters step into the roles needed to define and attain accountability, and give patients what they need the most.

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